Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the latest COVID-19 update for SOSG 2020?


Your health and safety are our #1 concern. With the impact of COVID-19, we have decided to cancel all events this year. Let's all come back stronger and and be ready to go next year. Thank you for your continued support. See you in 2021!

  • What age do I have to be to participate?


You must be 50 or more by the end of the calendar year of the games you plan to participate in.  The only exception to this is basketball.  We welcome players aged 40 or over.  

  • Is SOSG (Southern Ohio Senior Games) a State qualifier for Nationals?


No.  We host a high quality regional competition.  

  • Do I need to have experience in a sport before signing up to play?


No.  You may enjoy coming out to the games, volunteering or watching different events before deciding what you would like to do.

  • Are competitors from out of state permitted to participate?


Yes!  We welcome all competitors throughout the US and have had a few international competitors.  There is no additional fees to compete for out of state or international competitors.  

  • What is the level of competition I will face?


The SOSG is open to men and women of all skills levels.  You will find those of average (and perhaps even below average) skills.  And you probably also find competitors who are very skilled and may even be state ranked.

  • Do you win anything? Are there cash prizes?


You always earn bragging rights!  The top three finishers in their gender/age group will receive gold, silver or bronze medals.  There are no cash prizes.

  • What order are the Track & Field events?



Men and Women’s High Jump

10:00am to 12noon    

Open Pit for football and softball throw (Men and Women)

10:00am to 12noon   

Open Pit for Long Jump Running and Long Jump Standing (Men and Women)

11am to 1pm             

Open Pit for Shot Put and Discus (Men and Women)

12noon to 1pm           

Open Pit for Javelin


1500M Run and 1500M Racewalk and 1500M Powerwalk


100M Dash


400M Dash 




50M Dash


200M Run


800M Run


Awards Ceremony 

  • Do you have all the implements for Track & Field?


Yes.  We have all the equipment you need for all ages and both genders.  Still, you are welcome to bring your own if you would like.  

  • How do you run your Pickleball Tournament?


The brackets begin with the age group closest to your competing age.  For doubles or mixed doubles, you will compete in the age division of the youngest player on your team.  If you lose you will be moved to the losers bracket and play one game to 11.  We will provide awards for your age division and overall.  

  • What order are the swimming events in?


Women’s 200 Freestyle
Men’s 200 Freestyle
Women’s 200 Medley
Men’s 200 Medley
Women’s 50 Freestyle
Men’s 50 Freestyle
Women’s 100 Butterfly
Men’s 100 Butterfly
Women’s 100 Freestyle
Men’s 100 Freestyle
Women’s 100 Backstroke
Men’s 100 Backstroke
Women’s 100 Breaststroke
Men’s 100 Breaststroke
Women’s 50 Backstroke
Men’s 50 Backstroke
Women’s 200 Butterfly
Men’s 200 Butterfly
Women’s 50 Breaststroke
Men’s 50 Breaststroke 
Women’s 200 Backstroke
Men’s 200 Backstroke
Women’s 50 Butterfly
Men’s 50 Butterfly
Women’s 200 Breaststroke
Men’s 200 Breaststroke

  • What size is the pool you run your swimming event in?


The pool is a 50 meter lap pool with starting blocks.  

  • I want to compete in the 5K or 10K run or the 10K cycle. Do I need to separately register for those events?


Yes.  There is a separate registration fee for those events that is in addition to the SOSG events.  Please register for those events under Run for Your LIFE at

  • How many shots will I get for spot shot, free throw and the 3-pointer shots in basketball?


You will receive 25 shots for each that you choose to participate in. 

  • Is there an extra fee for bowling?


Yes.  The extra fee for bowling is $5.50.  This fee is paid on the day of the event and does not need to be included in the registration fee.  

  • If I register as part of a team, does my team member have to register too?


Yes.  All team members must register separately. 

  • If I am traveling from out of town or I want to stay all night or visit one of your best restaurants while I'm visiting, what should I do? 


When we receive your registration, we will mail you a package about out of town restaurants and accommodations.

  • Can you explain the registration fees?


Registration is $20 and includes a shirt.  You must pay $5 for each sport you plan to participate in.  For example, if you plan to participate in Track & Field events only, your registration fee will be $25.  If you plan to participate in Track & Field, Swimming, and Pickleball—your registration fee will be $35.